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Welcome to, the web hosting group based in Asheville, North Carolina. We specialize in RedHat Linux Apache web server technology for site owners and site developers. We have a vast programming library available to serve our customers which make website solutions fast, easy and logical. ImageMagick ready and Ghostscript friendly take your technology to the next level with
    Utilizing the latest technology including Flash Communications Server (FCS), We offer realtime video conferencing, audio chat rooms, live streaming viewer-interactive presentations, live video sales conferencing and auctions. Backed by our anti-corporate technical support system. Developer's find us a haven for co-operative learning and support.

We have web hosting solutions for single domains, multiple domains, secure socket connections(SSL), streaming media, dedicated servers, shared servers, automation ai technology, mod_perl environments, and so much more. Try us out for a month with our free temp domain service. Test our waters before making the plunge.

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Basic / Secure / WebMaster / WebMasterSecure / FCS / FCSDeluxe / DedLinux / DedWin2k is a web hosting company founded in Asheville, North Carolina. Our primary network is located on the QWest backbone in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in Unix/Linux Apache and Windows2000 with Flash Communication Server and Apache2. We have a vast programming library available to our customers designed to make website technology fast, easy and logical. In the Summer of 2002, we built our Flash Communication Server. We offer 8 web hosting packages. Feel free to contact us with questions or queries.

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