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Sun Nov 30, 2003

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Linux Dedicated Web Servers

Linux is a very versatile platform that serves a number of functions well. Dedicated means you are getting at least a million hits monthly. Once you hit this mark, we recommend upgrading to a dedicated server. recommends Linux servers for all Internet functions - Web servers, mail server, and file servers. Learn More About Linux. We run our own DNS with named version 8+. We also wield a secure socket certificate for our virtual customer's ssl needs. See for more information.

Our Linux Dedicated Web Hosting Package has everything your company needs. Complete and fast tech support is included in a low monthly fee. Tech support includes 24-hour rack monitoring. Seperate power backup sources on site. Computer safe climate. With 24 hour human supervision. In addition, we provide you with a System Administrator for your box. Providing all email, dns, apache, and other server needs. We build your box from the ground up. You will be handed the keys to a running server hooked up to the QWest backbone. We offer server farm space in three seperate locations across the United States. Get started now Sign Up Form.
Sign Up Form $350 per Month includes:
  • Linux Dedicated Web Server Package
  • Single AMD 1.3 GHz Processor
  • 256MB DDR RAM
  • 40GB EIDE Drive
  • 30GB (30GB incld.) Burstable Bandwidth
  • FTP access
  • Unlimited POP3 mail boxes.
  • Unlimited forwards, aliases.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, PHP, ImageMagick
  • All Dedicated servers require a one-time $250.00 setup fee Linux Server Info Page

The Fine Print: All hosting customers must read, agree to, and comply with our Service Agreement. Additional bandwidth is charged monthly at a rate of $10/GB. Additional space will be charged monthly at a rate of $2/10 MB. If you expect to use more bandwidth or space than your package includes, you may wish to consider one of our bandwidth or storage solutions. runs RedHat Linux with Apache and Windows 2000 Flash Communication Server. We offer our customers a full-time OC3 Connection. We do our own DNS lookups and are registered with InterNic as a name server. We provide a full-tilt root access box with extensions including: perl, ssl, php, imagemagick, perlmagick, ghostscript, real media audio/video, flash communication server, sql, postgreSQL, mod_perl and so much more. Our goal is to provide a focused developer-friendly network for owners developers, and webmasters looking to stay at the fore-front of cutting edge web technology. Metasphere is a strong supporter of the open-source movement with a diverse range of people, skills and knowledge. Become a part of today!

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