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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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1866: The National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
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Image2SWF Convert Image to Flash

Pixel2SWF (aka Image2SWF) is our latest image to Flash conversion tool. It converts any pixel-type image to a SWF file. It uses the width, height and name from the original image. Drag one or several images onto the tool to convert to flash. It creates a folder called "swf" in the same directory as pixel2swf.exe. This folder will hold your new swf files. The new files use the original image name replacing the old extension with ".swf". This program was written with perl and has been compiled for Windows. It can read a wide variety of image types including but not limited to: jpg,png,gif,bmp,tiff.

This download is the windows executable download. It has been compiled from perl into C++.
This build has been tested on Win2k and WinXP.
Click here to download. Pixel2SWF
This tool will run in Linux under perl with ImageMagick installed. It was developed on a Linux platform and ported to Windows. The final version for distribution is Windows right now. This means you can run it on your cool linux web server if you edit the perl code a bit. Your web server will need ImageMagick installed and SU-EXEC enabled. Click here to download source code.
Online Version
This is an online version running of our Linux platform. It uses two modules PerlMagick and TrueFlash. Enter a valid url below and press convert.
Enter Image URL:

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